8 Readers Whose Travels Were Inspired by Books

by KB Meniado Travelling by page is always magical, but travelling to the actual place from that very page can be surreal! Eight readers from the community (including yours truly) share their travels to places inspired by the books they read. Make sure to get your to-go and to-read lists ready! 1. The Musee duContinue reading “8 Readers Whose Travels Were Inspired by Books”

#BookbedFictory 001: ‘The Mark of the Duwende’

by Anne Plaza Prompt: Your sibling comes home with the mark of the duwende on their neck after disappearing for a day According to an old legend, a young girl of fifteen went to the market to buy fish, meat and vegetables for the family meal. But the fishermen did not have an abundant catch thatContinue reading “#BookbedFictory 001: ‘The Mark of the Duwende’”

#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro Since the launch a year ago, Bookbed has featured five Filipino authors and their experiences in publishing their works in the country. We found that all of them had tried self-publishing at one point or another. And one of the ways a fledgling writer can introduce their story to theContinue reading “#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers”