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  • #AReaderEveryDay for Lakbay-Kuwentuhan

    #AReaderEveryDay for Lakbay-Kuwentuhan

    This year, #AReaderEveryDay would like to help Lakbay-Kuwentuhan, a storytelling and book-giving caravan. Led by Rey Bufi of The Storytelling Project, they travel to bring the gift of reading to children in the hope of reaching those that need them most. Help us reach our goals: This is a Paypal checkout. For those who want…

  • #AReaderEveryDay Cotabato: Bookends

    #AReaderEveryDay Cotabato: Bookends

    by Bam Baraguir A couple of months ago, I asked for your help regarding a small reading nook I wanted to put up here in my hometown in Cotabato City, and while it has taken a while to prepare the space, I’m now happy to present to you…. *drumrolls*… Bookends! My cousins and I cleared…

  • #AReaderEveryDay Cotabato: “There are no bookshops here”

    #AReaderEveryDay Cotabato: “There are no bookshops here”

    by Bam Baraguir Earlier this year, I asked a friend to find me a copy of Alcott’s Little Women. I received a package not soon after and was elated upon seeing my friend’s name on the return address. However, the excitement gave way to instant anxiety when I saw that he sent me a freshly…

  • Bookbed turns 10 this month,  and we’re celebrating with #AReaderEveryDay, #BookbedFictory, and #BookbedMeets

    Bookbed turns 10 this month, and we’re celebrating with #AReaderEveryDay, #BookbedFictory, and #BookbedMeets

    Bookbed is indeed turning 10 (!) this July and we’re celebrating with another year of the #AReaderEveryDay book drive, #BookbedFictory, and #BookbedMeets. Help us help others (and one another!) by participating in our activities this month. Info below! #AReaderEveryDay Cotabato We are accepting books for children and young adult for a community beneficiary in Cotabato…

  • #BookbedMeets: #AReaderEveryDay Sorsogon

    #BookbedMeets: #AReaderEveryDay Sorsogon

    Last August 17, we bonded over children’s books we loved, calligraphy, life lessons (!), and raised donations for ARED Sorsogon. Thanks to all who joined us! We’re still accepting fiction for ages 4 to 12 until August 25. To donate books and/or sponsor, contact us here. For photos and other updates, check out our Instagram: Thank…

  • #AReaderEveryDay Sorsogon: Meet Project ARAL, Pilar Reading Center

    #AReaderEveryDay Sorsogon: Meet Project ARAL, Pilar Reading Center

    We’re running ARED for the fourth year, and our beneficiaries are Project ARAL of Calongay Elementary School and the Pilar Reading Center in Pilar, Sorsogon. They are in need of books for their storytelling and reading programs for kids aged four to 12. Get to know a bit of them below! Project ARAL (Adopt Reading…

  • #AReaderEveryDay Sorsogon: Call for Book Donations

    #AReaderEveryDay Sorsogon: Call for Book Donations

    In celebration of our ninth year as a community and fourth year of doing ARED, we’re raising book donations for the Pilar Reading Center and Project ARAL (Adopt Reading Acquire Learning) of Calongay Elementary School in Pilar, Sorsogon. Story and chapter books for children aged 4 to 12 are accepted. Donations can be sent to…

  • Banana Feelings #20: #AReaderEveryDay

    by BM ☁️ This episode is dedicated to the kids of Suit Elementary School in Dagupan. To know more about #AReaderEveryDay, click here. READ ALL BANANA FEELINGS COMICS POSTS HERE. WANT TO SUBMIT YOURS? READ OUR REVIEW POLICY AND SUBMISSION GUIDELINES HERE.

  • Maraming salamat sa mga naging parte ng #AReaderEveryDay sa Maynila

    Maraming salamat sa mga naging parte ng #AReaderEveryDay sa Maynila

    It is never too late to offer anything good. This is why we are happy to share with you that we have initially handed over the books from the #AReaderEveryDay in Manila drive to our beneficiary, The Storytelling Project. Thank you to everybody who supported this leg! Because of you, the students of Suit Elementary School will get to…

  • #AReaderEveryDay goes to Manila

    #AReaderEveryDay goes to Manila

    …and we’re partnering with When In Manila! For this leg, we’re excited to raise book donations to benefit the Suit Elementary School in Dagupan City through The Storytelling Project! If you’ve been living with your nose forever perched in a book, TSP is a non-government organization that shares the same advocacy of spreading the habit…