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Continuing the Legacy: An Interview with #HeistClub New Blood Authors Part 1

by Allana Luta In June of 2016, Bookbed published a 3-part interview series with crime fiction authors from the newly established #HeistClub. Their voices were fresh and exciting, introducing crime fiction with a local flair to Filipino readers. Two years on, #HeistClub is back with an anthology titled The Secrets That We Keep, featuring five short […]

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#BookbedFictory 009: ‘Y Norh Cana’

by Buñag Manlapaz  Prompt: You download an app onto your phone that lets you chat with your past self. “We left you all on your own spaces and yet, for some reason, some go out their cages. We would have been happy, really, if you all just keep running on the wheels we provided. Some rats […]