Bookbed reviews: ‘Chasing An ATM Schemer’ by Racquel Sarah A. Castro

by KB Meniado Sometimes, I deliberately put off picking up crime fiction for fear that: 1) I will have nightmares about it, and 2) It will happen to me. But Chasing An ATM Schemer, the first book in The Fraud Haunter series by Racquel Sarah A. Castro, has been calling, and I thought it didn’t look like it would be triggering any […]


Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 2 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors

by Allana Luta Last week, we launched Part 1 of our #HeistClub feature series. This time, we’re back with Part 2, with authors Irene Recio, Jee Ann Guibone, Georgette S. Gonzales and Ana Valenzuela of What We Fear who share with us their personal fears and the challenges and importance of writing crime stories. INSPIRATION AND CHALLENGES IN WRITING […]