Shelfwalking: Books I Brought With Me to Another Country

by Georgette S. Gonzales Here’s a shot of my bookshelf at my residence in California. That is just about 20% of all the print books I own. It will take a few more trips home to the Philippines before I can haul everything to the States. How did I choose which ones to bring first? I chose those I have not read and will likely read soon in addition to the stash in my Kindle reader. Now, what’s in my bookshelf? Complete print copies of my published Tagalog novellas. For posterity. 😉 Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series. Mine isn’t complete yet. I…

Shelfwalking: 4 Romance Series I Love The Most

by Mikki Shiu I actually have an ordinary looking bookshelf, a five-layer one made of plain regular plywood, and it is not even painted, finished or covered yet. I requested it from my dad a few years ago when I noticed my growing number of books. The top shelf is where I place all book series and other novels penned by the same author. On the second shelf, I put my academic and reference books relating to my profession, which is interior designing. The third shelf belongs to “others,” such as stand-alones and other items like journals and sketch books….