Crossed Wires: Well, That Can’t Happen Here

by Wina Puangco It’s with immense pleasure (and lots of caffeine) that I say “yes” to Bookbed’s suggestion that we resume this convo on common misunderstandings in literature. Thus far, we’ve tackled specific genres, and while that is something I’d like to look into further throughout the duration of this series, I thought it would be…More

Bookbed recommends: Filipiniana

ni Nicai de Guzman; mga litrato ni Kat Candelaria Noong ako’y nasa elementarya at hayskul, palagi akong nasa silid-aklatan. Nakakahiyang aminin pero hindi ko talaga pinapansin noon ang Filipiniana section. Nang maging miyembro ako ng Heritage Conservation Society-Youth ay saka ko lamang binigyang pansin ang mga akda ng sarili nating kababayan, partikular ang mga tungkol sa…More

#UmulanNgLibro at the Philippine Children’s Book Summit

by Bryan Meniado A funny memory came to me as I stepped into the Philippine Children’s Book Summit last July 21: Remember those people from publishing houses that visit schools and give out checklists? When I was in Grade 1, still learning to read-slash-still learning my ABCs (haha), I bought my first book through them: Mga Kuwentong…More

Bookbed recommends: ‘Una & Miguel’ by Lilledeshan Bose

by KB Meniado Una & Miguel was my first Filipino YA book, so when I saw a copy of its new edition at the National Children’s Book Fair at the Ateneo Rizal Library last July 25, I almost scared those who were (wo)manning the Adarna House booth (Hi!). I was so excited I was just nonstop gushing…More

Crossed Wires: The Fantasy Epic

by Erika M. Carreon I’ve talked before and written about in a Plural blog about the contributions and frustrations Tolkien and his Middle Earth have given me in relation to how I’ve come to define fantasy, but for the moment I’d like to talk a bit about fairy tales, particularly the misconception that they were stories…More

4 Great Things About Being A Filipino Romance Author (Right Now)

by Mina V. Esguerra When I started writing fiction, I had the impression it was going to be a hobby, something I would do when I had an extra few minutes a day, and maybe I’d finish writing one book and be done with the entire business of it. Many writers feel this way, but…More

#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro Since the launch a year ago, Bookbed has featured five Filipino authors and their experiences in publishing their works in the country. We found that all of them had tried self-publishing at one point or another. And one of the ways a fledgling writer can introduce their story to the…More

Crossed Wires: Science Fiction

by Noel Villa Salutations to all whose curiosity has led them to this segment called Crossed Wires, wherein a cheeky organism by the name of Noel Villa (writer, complainer and enthusiast of the non-real with a penchant for baroque and romanticist stylings) shall herewith babble on about common misconceptions attributed to the genre loosely termed: science…More

Bookbed recommends: ‘Popped’ by Chinggay Labrador

by Allana Luta Wonder what goes on inside a K-pop fangirl’s head? Well, wonder no more since Popped lays out all the crazy fantasies that plays out in their (or OUR) minds! But Popped isn’t all fantasy. Chinggay Labrador takes her four main characters all the way to Seoul and sends them into a tizzy. I…More

5 Works That Inspired Me to Write

by Dawn Lanuza Before I started writing books myself, I was an avid reader. I’ve tried out different genres over the years but discovered early on that I easily sway over to the Young Adult/Contemporary Romance section. It is, after all, what I wanted to write as well. There are a lot of authors who have…More