8 Nail Art Designs Based on YA Book Covers

by KB Meniado I wanted to do something to personally celebrate Bookbed’s eighth year, and my initial idea was to dress up like book covers or characters for eight days. (I watch too many Buzzfeed videos, I know.) I couldn’t afford to do so, lifestyle-wise, so I opted for something that was more practical but also more challenging. Therefore: nail art designs based on book covers. I never do anything to my nails except to occasionally cut or bite them and I’m not a nail technician by any means, but I assure you I tried my best. This project ran…

5 Lessons in Love from Literature

by Allana Luta “Toughen up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t meant for my kind anyway.”* When it comes to romantic love, I haven’t had much experience. You see, I’m part of the SSB Club: Single Since Birth. No biggie—being single is awesome… except on Valentine’s Day. Or Single Awareness Day for my kind, anyway. And yet, despite the despondency of the lyrics above, I personally have nothing against Valentine’s Day. How could I when it celebrates the most human of emotions? Although it has admittedly become a Hallmark Holiday in recent times, at its very heart, Valentine’s Day is still day for love….