#BookbedFictory 019: ‘Ryker’

by Irish Fleur This year’s Fictory is for a cause. We donate P100 to a chosen beneficiary for every fic submitted this July. Participate here if you can. Enjoy this one! Prompt: “Don’t be scared. I just need you to come with me for a minute.” He’s gone. How many times do I need toContinue reading “#BookbedFictory 019: ‘Ryker’”

#BookbedFictory 006: ‘Eat Now or Never’

by Irish Fleur Prompt: Your family’s carinderia has had no competitors since the beginning until one day, a new one pops up right across your place. I looked at the canteen entrance and glanced at my watch. My friend and workmate Pamela had been chatting with me for the past thirty minutes but I wasn’tContinue reading “#BookbedFictory 006: ‘Eat Now or Never’”