#BookbedFictory 003: ‘Notes in the Key of Lapis Lazuli’

by Justine C. Tajonera Prompt: The stall at the end of the office CR is actually an entryway to another world. For once in her life, Anna got exactly what she wanted for her twenty-fourth birthday. Months before February 28, Anna had already been wanting to escape. She had made a game of it in herContinue reading “#BookbedFictory 003: ‘Notes in the Key of Lapis Lazuli’”

#BookbedReadsPHLit Report for April

Welcome to the fourth book report for #BookbedReadsPHLit this 2017! In this challenge, readers must choose one book by a Filipino every month throughout the year. However, this report is a little different from our previous ones. Here, we recommend some books from the Bookbed Store for you to add to your TBR pile this comingContinue reading “#BookbedReadsPHLit Report for April”

Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 1 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors

by KB Meniado Before I sat down to write this article, I tried out a little experiment. I asked some of my friends to recommend to me their favorite crime novels written by Filipinos. I wasn’t surprised that our exchanges were peppered with the recurring “Pero teka, crime fic ba ‘yun?” Coming from that, it’s a safeContinue reading “Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 1 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors”

#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro Since the launch a year ago, Bookbed has featured five Filipino authors and their experiences in publishing their works in the country. We found that all of them had tried self-publishing at one point or another. And one of the ways a fledgling writer can introduce their story to theContinue reading “#buqoYA: A great option for Filipino authors and readers”