#BookbedFictory 005: ‘Speak, Ma’

by Karl Mabutas Prompt: You suddenly wake up one day with the ability to hear everyone’s thoughts. “The rise of a seemingly mystifying epidemic is causing a great uproar across countries alike. This new disease, as described from multiple unverified sources, is currently being pointed at some new bacteria: The brain contracts an undetectable infection fromContinue reading “#BookbedFictory 005: ‘Speak, Ma’”

Shelfwalking: The path towards being OC

by Karl Mabutas Nothing beats the refreshing look of piles of books lying around in your wonderful space. It is greener than nature, whiter than crystals, and shinier than the most expensive gadget you currently have. Why, you ask? Because those are the visual representations of your page-by-page success. The look and feel of recollecting yourContinue reading “Shelfwalking: The path towards being OC”

Buying Books on A Budget

by Karl Mabutas There I was, walking past shelf after shelf, my heart threatening to jump off my chest, when suddenly… Oh my! The book I have been looking for so long is finally in front of me! All these months I have tried reaching out for you but you were never there. Now, theContinue reading “Buying Books on A Budget”