On Best Beginnings: An Interview with ‘Before I Do’ Author Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla

by Twila Bergania When we first read Before I Do (BIDO), it was refreshing to find what Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla’s writing brought to our bedsides and shelves. As in our book review, it felt a lot like chatting with a really good—albeit brutally honest—friend over coffee. Heroine Kit Castille’s strong sense of growth made sense after herContinue reading “On Best Beginnings: An Interview with ‘Before I Do’ Author Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla”

Celebrating Stories of Love and Everything In Between at the ‘Before I Do Anthology’ Launch

by Kat Petines, photos by Kelly Mahipus Stories about love are not new. Society’s obsession with the subject has spawned a truckload of materials that focus on the search for it, the triumph of finding it, the tragedy of losing it and everything in between. In fact, love has turned into such a central theme inContinue reading “Celebrating Stories of Love and Everything In Between at the ‘Before I Do Anthology’ Launch”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Before I Do’ by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla

by Allana Luta THE STORY For self-proclaimed “mean girl” Kit Castille and many women in the world, finding true love isn’t easy. But what if you meet a devilish stranger who challenges all the conclusions you have built in the past three years? What if you fall for him just before you got the perfect engagement,Continue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Before I Do’ by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla”

What Am I To You: Episode 23

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla In my heightened state, I walk the entire length of the parking lot looking for Matthew’s car. I feel like a madwoman, walking from one aisle to another, checking the car plates. I finally find the car on other farthest side of the lot, far away from where Denver and I parked.Continue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 23”

What Am I To You: Episode 22

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla “I need a date,” says Denver over the phone. “And you’re calling me because…?” I ask, checking my screen to see if it’s really Denver who called me and not Matthew. Or Tristan. “Because you owe me.” “Excuse me?” “I rescued you from ‘temptation island,’ remember?” “I was cashing in on aContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 22”

What Am I To You: Episode 21

BY Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla As it turns out, the first thing I do is go online, log on to YouTube and listen to all the Norah Jones songs I could find. In the safe darkness of my condo unit, I finish a bottle of cheap red wine and go through all of Matthew’s photos on Instagram.Continue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 21”

What Am I To You: Episode 20

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla During my senior prom, Tristan walked to our table, ignored my giggling girlfriends, took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He didn’t ask. He just took my perfectly manicured hands, as though asking a girl for a dance was the easiest thing in the world to do in highContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 20”

What Am I To You: Episode 19

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla Have you ever felt like in just one night, your life could change? I wake up this morning feeling all is right in the world. Well, at least in mine. The sun’s gentle morning light is seeping through the slightly opened windows of our room. The gentle sea breeze smells wonderful. AndContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 19”

What Am I To You: Episode 18

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla I wake up this morning in a bathrobe. The sun is already high in the sky and the breeze from the open terrace windows feels hotter. It must be nearing noon, I think. But the heat I feel has nothing to do with the sun or the breeze. It has everything toContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 18”

What Am I To You: Episode 17

by Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla After lunch, I change into much more comfortable clothes and walk to the resort’s Meditation Sanctuary. It’s an open-space where masses are held, a space designed to help people find peace and quiet. The quiet part is easy enough to find. In fact, every space in Bellarocca is a quiet refuge. It’sContinue reading “What Am I To You: Episode 17”