Poetry Submission: ‘All These To You’

by KC Bernardo In the midst of my goodbye, must I see Your face a picture of sorrow and pain, And your eyes filled with anxiety? But if you would hate me, let my heart be slain I will go, my love, and bid my last.   But before I leave, dear one, must you know That I’ll be back sooner thus end your angst. And that all these to you I bestow Must I turn my back when this dream is for you— This dream that has given meaning to my life?   Thus I ask, my lovely love, do…

Poetry Submission: ‘Bedtime Stories’

by KC Bernardo; art by Drae Latorre In my dreams, Everything is real Possible And within reach   I lock these precious thoughts. In jars for safekeeping; Sealed with hope in twisted knots. When doubt starts creeping, Fear begin to flow like streams And when Faith, to a breath clings I will unlock my dreams And unravel all the things To remind and inspire me   That in life Everything is real Possible And within reach. ☁ Originally posted on Artist x Poet.