Bookbed recommends: Island-based Filipino Children’s Books

by KB Meniado My beautiful country, the Philippines, is made up of about eight thousand islands. To portray, let alone discuss, the abundance and diversity of our people’s experiences is a challenge so great it might just take another hundred of lifetimes before we get to the bottom of it. But there’s always trying, and so witnessing how our creators and the local publishing industry as a whole continue to make a dent on that, be that individually or as a collective, is always inspiring. Whenever I see the range of locally authored and published books available for sale not…

Bookbed reviews: ‘Malong: The Magic Cloth’ by Mary Ann Ordinario-Floresta

by KB Meniado It’s a great time for book lovers and readers alike today: more diverse books are being released, and they’re more accessible and affordable now more than ever. There are stories in different languages and of distinct cultures, and if one tries hard enough, they’ll find one that’s exactly about them. Let’s say you’re from Mindanao, and you’ve been looking for reading materials that hit close to home. A quick search online will lead to multiple publishers, both mainstream and indie, providing titles that speak of home. To name a few, there’s Sari-Sari Storybooks, Swito Digital Storytelling Philippines, Cotabato Literary Journal….