Chasing the Thrill: An Interview with Author Mayumi Cruz

by KB Meniado Local box office history tells us we like romance and suspense films—why not translate that level of investment into print too? Here, author Mayumi Cruz talks about what it means to write romantic thrillers, what she loves about engaging with readers and why she thinks self-publishing is worth it. Mayumi Cruz isContinue reading “Chasing the Thrill: An Interview with Author Mayumi Cruz”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Chroma Hearts’ by Mayumi Cruz

by KB Meniado THE STORY Can love triumph over all—even catatonic depression? Can love defeat everything—even a diabolical evil? A new bride suffering from catatonia. A determined husband trying to break through the black pit in which her brain escaped to. And a ruthless abomination who will stop at nothing to tear them apart. MelvinContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Chroma Hearts’ by Mayumi Cruz”

Bookbed recommends: ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio

by Mayumi Cruz Wonder by RJ Palacio follows the story of Auggie, a 10-year-old boy with a severely deformed face, as he comes out of home schooling and steps straight into a proper middle school for the first time. Having been sheltered since birth, he now has to learn to interact with people who are either scared orContinue reading “Bookbed recommends: ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio”

#BookbedFictory 004: ‘Black Love’

by Mayumi Cruz Prompt: Your (significant other) is rumored to be an engkanto. The brilliant red, odd-looking shape was what my eyes caught first. With each movement, it stretched out gracefully, much like a yawning mouth. And then, just as slowly, I watched it deflate like a balloon, going back to its original form. I frowned,Continue reading “#BookbedFictory 004: ‘Black Love’”

Bookbed reviews ‘The Gangster and the Socialite’ by Mayumi Cruz

by Sheree Tagle THE STORY Marie Megan Montecillo’s glamorous, sheltered, peaceful life was shattered and turned upside down by a series of staggering events which took her in a dizzying, whirling, roller coaster ride of unbelievable proportions. Will she survive with her life and wealth… and heart intact? In this romantic comedy story with a crime/suspenseContinue reading “Bookbed reviews ‘The Gangster and the Socialite’ by Mayumi Cruz”