Playing with Art and Book Design: An Interview with Miles Tan

by KB Meniado We do judge some books by their covers, and like any self-respecting reader and book lover, I always swoon a little whenever I see pretty editions. Pretty is subjective, of course, but if we’re talking pretty as in lovely with a side of heart-skipping, then I think Miles Tan’s works qualify. I’veContinue reading “Playing with Art and Book Design: An Interview with Miles Tan”

#romanceclass: Why This Writer Won’t Quit Gaming

by Miles Tan How the passion for writing is ignited varies for different people. Back in high school, mine was sparked by the usual suspects: intense emotions, unforgettable experiences, striking books and films. I stayed up late during school nights to scribble madly in my notebooks, and shared works-in-progress with my friends, who would pass my notebooksContinue reading “#romanceclass: Why This Writer Won’t Quit Gaming”