#BookbedFictory 039: ‘The Campus Tour’

by Nigel Libranages This year’s Fictory is in partnership with BRUMULTIVERSE, a fictional multiple universe with dimensions, realms and parallel realities where amazing stories happen. All fics use the prompt: “The Main Character wakes up on the first day of school, late for their classes in a university to which they don’t remember enrolling.” “WhyContinue reading “#BookbedFictory 039: ‘The Campus Tour’”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Beyond Light and Darkness: A Kathbute Anthology’

by KB Meniado THE STORY The 11 stories in this anthology showcase the interpretations of the Kathbute writers to the theme of light and darkness in the genres of Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Mystery. The Watch Repairman’s Son – H. Bentham Can I Stay? – Nigel Libranages Potion Lunacy – Irina Jean Etienne andContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Beyond Light and Darkness: A Kathbute Anthology’”