#romanceclass: Romance and the Shame Game

by Chris Mariano Confession: For most of my high school life, I wasn’t allowed to read Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High, which were the de rigueur series at that time. Of course, I wasn’t going to let parental permission get in the way of reading books that I had already been devouring since I wasContinue reading “#romanceclass: Romance and the Shame Game”

Supporting Local: My First #romanceclass by #AprilFeelsDay Heat

by Hannah Taotjo Think: romance literature. Done? Now, be honest—did this picture pop into your head? If you said yes, congratulations. You are now officially outdated. You can put away your auntie’s racy paperbacks now, you won’t be needing them anymore (and those Fifty Shades copies, too). It was my first time to attend an event likeContinue reading “Supporting Local: My First #romanceclass by #AprilFeelsDay Heat”

#romanceclass: Why This Writer Won’t Quit Gaming

by Miles Tan How the passion for writing is ignited varies for different people. Back in high school, mine was sparked by the usual suspects: intense emotions, unforgettable experiences, striking books and films. I stayed up late during school nights to scribble madly in my notebooks, and shared works-in-progress with my friends, who would pass my notebooksContinue reading “#romanceclass: Why This Writer Won’t Quit Gaming”

Bookbed reviews: ‘In Too Deep,’ ‘Peyton Riley’ by Bianca Mori

by Nina Arquiza THE STORY In Too Deep A private island….an exclusive guest list…a hot, friendly guy who’s more than willing to have that proverbial summer fling…it’s the perfect getaway. Or is it? Mary Shaw works hard and plays harder. Off a difficult project that doesn’t go quite according to plan, she heads off on aContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘In Too Deep,’ ‘Peyton Riley’ by Bianca Mori”

Romance in full bloom on #AprilFeelsDay

by Maria Criselda Santos From being a small group of indie authors wanting to get their novellas published to becoming one of the largest reading communities in the country, #romanceclass has indeed come a long way. The authors do not only attract mainstream publishers noawadays, but they also held a successful event last Sunday (April 17),Continue reading “Romance in full bloom on #AprilFeelsDay”

Bookbed reviews: ‘One Day’ series ni Amae de Chavez

ni Lucille de Mesa ANG KWENTO Ang One Day series ni Amae de Chavez ay umiikot sa dalawang karater na sina Maylie at Ethan. Tungkol ito sa kanilang namumuong pagkakaibigan na naging pag-iibigan. Ang One Lovely Summer Day ay tungkol sa dalawang magkaibang tao na pinagsama sa tahimik at magandang bayan ng Pila, Laguna. Si Maylie ay isang batang babae naContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘One Day’ series ni Amae de Chavez”

#romanceclass: Confessions of a Hesitant Romance Writer

by Tara Frejas I have a confession to make: Some days, I don’t think of myself as a romance writer. At least, not in the strictest sense. I’m not a big romance reader either, not until I became part of the #romanceclass community. Even then, all the romance books I’ve since read and reviewed are booksContinue reading “#romanceclass: Confessions of a Hesitant Romance Writer”

Bookbed reviews: ‘The Hometown Hazard’ by Dawn Lanuza

by Nina Arquiza THE STORY Jules Coronado has been away from her hometown for almost a decade but when an intruder breaks in to her childhood home, she finds herself coming back. Changes evidently took place in her small town, including her childhood best friend’s younger brother, Kip – now tall, slightly scruffed, all grown upContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘The Hometown Hazard’ by Dawn Lanuza”

#romanceclass: Romance’s wide, open spaces

by Bianca Mori Here’s what I know: I love romance. I love all the trope conventions: the meet-cute, the escalating tension, the conflict, the love-making (THIS) and the all-important happily ever after. It’s a pleasure to read, and a well-done romance can be satisfying like nothing else. A well-constructed romance can also deliver smart social commentary.Continue reading “#romanceclass: Romance’s wide, open spaces”

#romanceclass: Why did I write about a single, childless, 30-something Filipina?

by Miren B. Flores Because I, too, am a single, childless, 30-something Filipina. Apparently, most female authors (and more so than male ones, I’ve read) are asked if their work is autobiographical, so I may have just undermined Girl Power and all. (Sorry about that.) But aren’t you also supposed to write about what you know?Continue reading “#romanceclass: Why did I write about a single, childless, 30-something Filipina?”