#romanceclass: Writing to Travel, Traveling to Write

by Carla de Guzman The other day I was standing in line for a buffet, considering my food options when out of nowhere, a little voice in my head wondered, “What if a cute guy suddenly approached and commented on your buffet strategy?” Would we talk about the order in which you had to eat the…More

#romanceclass: Love and Secret Identities

by Jay E. Tria I see a few of the previous #romanceclass articles featured confessions. So here is mine: I’m using a pen name. That won’t come off as a shock, I am sure, since I’ve been fairly open about it. When I first decided to venture into self-publishing, the next decision to make wasn’t even…More

Bookbed reviews: ‘Keep the Faith’ by Ana Tejano

by Twila Bergania For people like me who’s been in a long-term relationship in over a decade, reading romance novels about single girls getting over a major heartbreak could be a bore. It’s not that we’ve never been there, it’s just that we haven’t felt that brand of sadness in a long time. Amidst all the…More

Going for Takedown: An Interview with Author Bianca Mori

by Nina Arquiza Bianca Mori’s first novella, One Night at the Palace Hotel, was published in 2014, and this was soon followed by Tame the Kitten. In Too Deep, published in 2015, marked the start of the Takedown trilogy, her first series. Now, over a year later, the final book, entitled Scorched Earth, has been released! Bianca…More

#romanceclass: Praying for Romance

by Ana Tejano Sometime around high school, a friend of mine raved about this book she read over the summer that she just had to lend it to me so we could talk about it. It was Frank E. Perretti’s This Present Darkness, a book about a reporter and a pastor investigating some shady happenings in…More

#romanceclass: 6 Books To Read Right Now

What do romance authors read? Romance—and a lot of other things. You’ve been meeting the authors of the #romanceclass community through their monthly columns here on Bookbed. That’s who they are and what they write. Here’s what they’ve been reading: 1. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, as recommended by Stella Torres, author of Save The Cake and Crushingly Close…More