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‘Paperback or Hardback?’: The Book Format Dilemma

by Ron Supan When I started collecting books years ago, I didn’t care which format they were in as long as I enjoyed the story. But after a while, I got irritated staring at my disorganized shelves, so I decided to buy only hardcovers or hardbacks. And, boy, did those sturdy, elegant spines look neat […]

Bookbed reviews: ‘The Serpent Sword’ by Matthew Harffy

by Ron Supan “The sword is like a serpent. You can try to tame it, but it is venomous and will often bite the hand that holds it.”—The Serpent Sword by Matthew Harffy (Bernicia Chronicles #01 THE STORY BRITAIN 633 A.D. Certain that his brother’s death is murder, young farmhand Beobrand embarks on a quest for […]

Bookbed reviews: ‘Newsflesh’ series by Mira Grant

by Ron Supan The Newsflesh series by Mira Grant is not your usual zombie read. When was the last time you read about a journalist who, at one moment, was uncovering truths, then poking zombies with sticks and shooting their brains out the next? 1. Countdown (#0.5) (e-book only) THE STORY The year is 2014, the year […]