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From the Bookbed Room: ‘What to Say Next’ by Julie Buxbaum

by Shealea Iral Let me quickly throw this out there: What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum is a wonderfully written, heartwarmingly captivating novel that I will actively recommend other people to read! It is meant to be read and passed on to another pair of hands. By that, I don’t mean that it’s a story you should only […]


Poetry Submission: ‘Nineteen’

by Shealea Iral What are the hard sciences? you ask to the class a person from the back answers chemistry                         physics                                                 biology                                                                         mathematics your right hand briefly dances in the air an obviously dismissive gesture and light laughter forces its way out of your weary throat now let’s forget about the hard sciences Let’s […]


From the Bookbed Room: Interview with Frank Cavallo (plus a giveaway!)

by Shealea Iral When I received a review request via email from Frank Cavallo’s publicist, I was forced to turn the offer down due to my current backlog of ARCs. But after this interview, I’m pretty sure that Eye of the Storm is right up my alley. It is definitely a book I can see myself […]