#HeistClub: The Pursuit of Justice and the Idea Behind “Soul Makers”

by J. Guibone I’ve always been fascinated with the strange, the uncanny, and the darkness in people. That fascination has something to do with my desire to explore—and eventually triumph over—that darkness. A friend of mine, who knew Mina V. Esguerra, sent me a link to a call for submissions for a crime anthology and workshop, #HeisClub. I have read and loved Ms. Esguerra’s works, so I was pretty excited to contribute my own story. The fact that it was a crime and mystery class only added fuel to the flame. Soul Makers, which is the first story in the Golden…

Uncovering Crime Fiction (Part 2 of 3): An Interview with #HeistClub Authors

by Allana Luta Last week, we launched Part 1 of our #HeistClub feature series. This time, we’re back with Part 2, with authors Irene Recio, Jee Ann Guibone, Georgette S. Gonzales and Ana Valenzuela of What We Fear who share with us their personal fears and the challenges and importance of writing crime stories. INSPIRATION AND CHALLENGES IN WRITING CRIME FICTION What made you want to write crime fiction? Irene: My love for reading started with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I loved how these books would take me on different adventures. I like watching police procedurals on TV and guessing who did the crime….