Depicting Unapologetic Realities: An Interview With Author Elaine Castillo

by Twila Bergania The first thing I told Elaine Castillo when I met her for an interview in a cozy corner of Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel was that I haven’t read her novel yet. As a journalist, it’s standard protocol to research and read before going out for an interview so I feltContinue reading “Depicting Unapologetic Realities: An Interview With Author Elaine Castillo”

Bookbed reviews: ‘America Is Not The Heart’ by Elaine Castillo

by Twila Bergania I have to admit that it took me a while to finish this book. I was convinced, after meeting Elaine at her book launch presented by National Bookstore, that I will be able to finish the book in two weeks, that I would not be able to put it down, and thatContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘America Is Not The Heart’ by Elaine Castillo”

Bookbed reviews ‘You Only Need Reminding’ by Jay E. Tria (#summercrush Anthology)

by Twila Bergania THE STORY Beach. Love. Rock and roll. When life, love, and rock and roll come together on the sandy beaches of La Union for music festival Summer Crush, expect nothing less than the crashing of lips, bodies, and waves against the shore, against each other, and against your soul. Allow these three talesContinue reading “Bookbed reviews ‘You Only Need Reminding’ by Jay E. Tria (#summercrush Anthology)”

On Best Beginnings: An Interview with ‘Before I Do’ Author Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla

by Twila Bergania When we first read Before I Do (BIDO), it was refreshing to find what Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla’s writing brought to our bedsides and shelves. As in our book review, it felt a lot like chatting with a really good—albeit brutally honest—friend over coffee. Heroine Kit Castille’s strong sense of growth made sense after herContinue reading “On Best Beginnings: An Interview with ‘Before I Do’ Author Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla”

Rewind Down: #WAITY Episodes 13-19

by Twila Bergania and Kat Petines Welcome back to Rewind Down, where we sit back, relax and revisit stories. This feature series is inspired by The Rewatch Project of Forever Young Adult. Caught up yet? Click here if not! If you’re done, let’s proceed to Episodes 13-19! EPISODE 13, in which Kit and Matthew treats us to a hot andContinue reading “Rewind Down: #WAITY Episodes 13-19”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Keep the Faith’ by Ana Tejano

by Twila Bergania For people like me who’s been in a long-term relationship in over a decade, reading romance novels about single girls getting over a major heartbreak could be a bore. It’s not that we’ve never been there, it’s just that we haven’t felt that brand of sadness in a long time. Amidst all theContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Keep the Faith’ by Ana Tejano”

Bookbed reviews: ‘Skor’ by Earl Kristian Bayta Palma

by Twila Bergania THE STORY Skor by Earl Kristian Bayta Palma is a novel set in the slums of Manila, where poverty, sex and drugs rule everyone’s lives. Throughout the book, the term “skor” is used to depict drug use and crimes, themes that make the novel fairly different from most books you might see inContinue reading “Bookbed reviews: ‘Skor’ by Earl Kristian Bayta Palma”