Bookbed turns 6: 6 Reasons To Enjoy Writing About Reading

We turn six this year, and to celebrate, we came up with six things on why we do what we do here on Bookbed. We hope these encourage you to write about books and reading as well. Enjoy! 1. We write about reading to understand. “Writing about reading helps generate discourse and facilitate understanding.” —WINA PUANGCO of Crossed Wires 2. WeContinue reading “Bookbed turns 6: 6 Reasons To Enjoy Writing About Reading”

The Matter of “The Great TBR”

by Wina Puangco I’m not writing for Crossed Wires today but something—among other things—has been bothering me lately. As someone who participates in Booktube and other reading communities (Goodreads, etc.), I’ve noticed that when talking about their To-Be-Read piles or TBRs, a lot of people are fond of acting guilty for not getting through said pileContinue reading “The Matter of “The Great TBR””

Crossed Wires: Readership

by Wina Puangco Okay, okay, so I know I said we would be talking about comics this week, but it will have to wait. I have a special post in store for you all, with a special guest, so stay tuned for that. For now, I thought we would discuss something a little more general—and also quiteContinue reading “Crossed Wires: Readership”

Crossed Wires: The Necessity of Translation

by Wina Puangco A few weeks ago, I was listening to (read: eavesdropping on) some strangers in Fully Booked complain about the Filipino translation of John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. Not the actual translation, mind you (they would never read that), but just the existence of it. Somehow, these people were offended byContinue reading “Crossed Wires: The Necessity of Translation”

Crossed Wires: Well, That Can’t Happen Here

by Wina Puangco It’s with immense pleasure (and lots of caffeine) that I say “yes” to Bookbed’s suggestion that we resume this convo on common misunderstandings in literature. Thus far, we’ve tackled specific genres, and while that is something I’d like to look into further throughout the duration of this series, I thought it would beContinue reading “Crossed Wires: Well, That Can’t Happen Here”

Crossed Wires: Short, Short Fiction

by Wina Puangco Hi, everyone! This is Wina Puangco. I write stories and put together zines (and run MoarBooks). Today, I’m taking over a little corner of your cyber reading space with Crossed Wires: a tiny segment for Pillow Talk this month on (the most commonly) misunderstood genres of literature, and the things we mistake themContinue reading “Crossed Wires: Short, Short Fiction”